We are a UK based Electrical Contractor Specialising in Industrial Controls, Machinery and Renewable Energy.

We are specialists in AC and DC machinery using PLC’s, HMI’s and Parker SSD Inverters, we also offer commercial Solar PV design, install and commissioning to G83 and G59 across the country.

We have been involved in the electrical business since 1960 and have many years of experience in all aspects of industrial electric work from small panels and systems to large AC & DC systems up to 1MW @ 1000Volts, these include Extruders, Vacuum Furnaces, Bottling Lines, Spray Cells, Robots, Conveyor Systems and Pumping Stations and Systems.

We also offer a rewind solution for special motors both AC and DC.

Our range of products include all aspects of Automation including Motors, Gearboxes, Pumps, Control Panels, Solar PV, SMA Inverters, Parker SSD Inverters, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s) and HMI’s (Touch Screens).

We are an authorised distributor and stockist of AEG Lafert Motors and Parker SSD Drives (formerly Eurotherm Drives)