Aug 312014

We removed an old SSD 545 DC drive controlling an Old Bull DC motor and replace this with a new Parker 400kW 890PX AC Inverter to drive a new Elin water cooled AC motor. An AC30 Inverter was fitted to the water cooling system to regulate the cooling water flow on the motor. All safety interlocks were accomplished within the 890PX and AC30. The 890PX having Safe Torque Off wired and enabled. The new panel was integrated into the existing system which utilised an Allen Bradley 504 PLC and Allen Bradley Panelview 1400e.

Mar 132014

Parker 890 Drives on firewire controlling volumes for fans in a spray shop, all safety circuits on an ASi network running on an S7-200 PLC with a TS 8010 Touch Screen as the operator interface.

Jan 132014

We were asked to Design, Build, Install and Commission a 37kW flood defence system (pump station).

The setup utilised a Parker SSD Ac30 Inverter and all the control programming that would normally have been done in a Programmable Logic Controller was now done within the AC30 Inverter using CodeSys.

The AC30 Inverter controls the Levels and has a summer and winter level setting, the speed is regulated on level on a PID loop, the AC30 controls and monitors the cubicle temperature and all trips within the panel. Linked to the AC30 is a Parker SSD TS3003 HMI Display which shows the operator all the set points and setup details, this also sends texts in the event of a fault or high water level.