Apr 262012

After a machine move we got asked to look at a webster bennett control panel and main motor, the motor had been making a horrible noise and not running poroperly. After an hour it was diagnosed that the A1 and A2 had been reversed on the wires going to the motor and this had caused one of the motor hrc fuses to blow. Three new fuses and correctly wired and the unit ran fine. The control panel was integral to the machine and built by Square D in 1964.

Jan 162012

This motor is an 11kW and has been running at around 12.35kW for quite a few years now, the motor is suffering from overheating and the terminal box wiring clearly shows signs of this. the extra kW are costing in the region of £800 a year in excess electricity. The motor wiring will not last much longer.

Dec 032010

4 Day Pilz C&G Approved Machinery Safety Course

Covering: CE Marking, PUWER98, BS EN 60204-1, BS EN 13849-1

Sep 102010

Had the job of removing an old Siemens S5 control panel for a plastics extruder and replacing with a new modern Allen Bradley PLC and Panelview Plus HMI Screen. New modern SSD DC 690+ drives on Devicenet and Siemens Solid State Switches for the heaters. New panel was tight as the customer wanted extras so we did a back to back job between the steel work !


Sep 062010

Had a weeks work in Denmark removing a Robot Spray System with all associated controls. Robot was a Kuboto Steel (taken over by Mitsubishi), area was a hazardous one with EXd motors and Intrinsic safety circuits. Robot cell had Sick Safety Lasers for entry exit on the conveyor system. Unit was shipped back to the UK and installed here with some new modifications.


Sep 042010

Asked to have a look at a heater bank on a dryer for polymer material

Cable too small, cable wrong specification and circuit breakers too large

Clearly whoever did the original install shouldn’t be trusted to wire up a 13Amp plug !