Solar PV



This is an area where we can offer specialised systems designed, installed and commissioned for G83/1 G83/2 and G59 Installations up to 500kW and above in compliance with MCS guidelines.

Due to our years of extensive knowledge of AC & DC inverter drives within Industry the Solar PV using Inverters and DC was a logical add on to our technical solutions.

We offer the SMA inverter range and can link this to energy monitoring over DH485 or Ethernet using SMA’s webbox connected to their Meter Connection Box and Sunny Sensor Box.

The SMA inverters use OptiTrak Global Peak and we enable this on all inverters for any shading issues, this is a little known fact that shade pulls the output of solar pv strings down and without some sort of shading solution you can have a drastically reduced output from your PV plant.

We are fully MCS Accredited and use the Paperclip workflow management system, for our MCS compliance.

Should you require something out of the range of standard equipment like a watermill or windmill for generation then we can design and manufacture control panels complying with G59 using the Parker SSD 890PX regen drive with Active Front End (AFE).

We also manufacture and supply G59 and G59/2 control panels to BS EN 60204-1.